Here are some useful files for joining in with MegaPixel activities.

Schools Activity Pack

Click here to download the schools Pack (12.9MB)

These files have been posted out to schools as part of our schools pack – if you’ve lost any of yours or would like more copies, you can download them here. If you’re not helping to colour the Manchester MegaPixel, you can still use these worksheets to run related activities and the Mini MegaPixel in your school/workplace/home.

Mini MegaPixel

Click here to download the Mini MegaPixel Grids (for printing on OHP/acetate)
Click here to download the Mini MegaPixel Instruction Sheet

If you’d like to build your own Mini MegaPixel in your own window, here’s an instruction sheet and printable grids to do so yourself. You’ll also need to use our Mini MegaPixel converter.